Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!
Sir Ken Robinson,他是一位富有遠見的文化領袖及藝術教育學家,他在1998年協助英國政府推動創意和文化教育,大規模地推展創造性的教育體系,由於他的成就而在2003年被英國冊封為爵士。 他2009年1月出版的最新著作 The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything,深深探討著人類的創造力和教育問題。如果你關心教育議題,可以在這裡看到更多。

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Jaguar in Clerkenwelldesignweek

Jaguar has put up an art display depicting the design evolution of the C-X75 concept car at the Clerkenwell Design Week event in London. Jaguar is the sponsor of this event in 2011. The C-X75 concept installation was located at the Farmiloe Building on St John Street. Fortunately, it’s about 15~20 minutes walk from my school. So I visited there before the class this morning. The installation shows Jaguar’s current lineup and some images of the C-X75 concept’s design development. The images include few early sketches, trim parts and full-scale working models from the C-X75 concept’s development. That’s a fantastic work with wide-low proportion, beautiful surface, sophisticated details, and looks really gorgeous!
The Clerkenwell Design Week runs shortly from May 24 to 26. It’s quite a nice design exhibition, very similar to the designer’ week in Taipei, but they had more resources from famous brands. Eventually they’re really smart enough to quit while they’re ahead.