Homework:Speaking English..

Speakng English is a bit difficult for me after having graduated from school about 8 years ago, but I quite like it, and really treasure this opportunity. Although I think it’s not memory problems, but my mouth just can’t keep up with my brain.
Obviously, you wouldn’t have had these kinds of problems when you were young, because your mentality was simple, your expression directly came out without any pressure. Of course, I know when I have thought too much before I open my mouth, and my language can not convey the real meaning and I was getting nervous, then my speaking became stammering and I felt like a complete fool. I can’t forget the bemused faces of my classmates. It was really embarrassing.
However, after that I realized, without such shame, I cannot progress! I must be more courageous!

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    • 唉呦我的媽呀!



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