Homework:Impressions of London

I came to London to study and travel in April. After 5 years of work, I hoped to have a break and take a breather, to look around the city which I had yearned to visit for a long time.

London is better than I expected, of course, not everything is so good…, but for culture, art, design and aesthetics it is really nice. London is a diverse city a blend of old and new things as you would expect from its long history. You can find strong design culture everywhere. It leisurely surrounds you in the nature of things. For example, I really like the architectural design in London, with a high tolerance and respect for history, old and new buildings are next to each other appropriately and this creates such a beautiful landscape. People designed everything they touched and took it for granted, even just leaflets. You can criticize the city is old, but you can’t deny that it was designed, it is practical and looks great.

People said that Londoners are emotionless and arrogant, hmm…I don’t think so, I feel they are polite, gentle and easy going. Maybe you think they are lazy, because of inefficient public services or public affairs, but in my opinion, that is because they knew better to balance life. I saw the Londoner treasured the sun very much, they like to sit on a lawn in the park and picnic at lunch time in the sunshine. It reminded me that I never cherish the environment so much and feel guilty.

I came to London about two months ago and I have been getting used to living here. I saw the British protected the assets of history, They know how to let it coexist within those modern things which are sharp and stiff, and make it brilliant. I believe I will learn more and love more in the future.

8 responses to “Homework:Impressions of London

  1. 老師老師 我是外校旁聽的志瀚(你還記得嗎:D),說來慚愧follow了你的Blog那麼久,到現在才PO首篇迴響,原諒我吧!這篇文章和下面這篇的自我告白,讓我又佩服你更多啦! 因為我感受到你又更往前邁進了,內化的功力又更高強:D 用比喻來說:你往前的速度讓我看不到你的尾燈啦 加油 臺灣的Boson師

    • 當然記得你啊,我還沒那麼老拉>..<
      你台大畢業了嗎? 最近在搞些甚麼啊?

  2. 我也覺得你寫得挺不錯的阿= =+ 我寫得有你一半好就好了:-)
    哈 一定一定!

  3. 老師老師…..我又佩服你更多啦! 因為我感受到你又更往前邁進了,內化的功力又更高強:D 用比喻來說:你往前的速度讓我看不到你的尾燈啦 yayaya

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