Definitions of Motorcycles.

You’ll often hear a Brit say “a motorbike" in UK, I was wondering what the difference is between “motorcycle" and “motorbike". So, I asked my English teacher in a fortuitous opportunity, he told me that it’s just a bit customary difference, “motorbike" is a slang term for motorcycle and used in UK. Then I tried figuring it out more specific definitions of motorcycles. The following link is for reference.
A “motorbike" is a loose term that can describe either a motorcycle or a scooter. 
Besides, there are definitions of a few key types of “motorcycle", e.g. the “scooters" are generally used it in Taiwan, the “sport bikes" designed purely for performance, you can get a visual sense of the differences, check out the photo gallery.
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In the end, have a look at the famous British brand Triumph‘s “AMERICA" !!!