Lamborghini Urus Concept

Lamborghini Urus SUV Concept果然還是在北京車展搶盡風頭,個人認為這台作為Lamborghini驚天動地的首款SUV車型,既然都說還是概念車,比例上應該可以搞得再大膽誇張一點,保持一貫驚人的低扁package,不然在現場展台看起來實在不夠有亮點,倒是那突兀的後葉子板不僅使得後身過大前身過小的視覺感受,也會造成後輪驅動的誤解。車頭DRG相較於整體顯得曲面繁瑣雜碎,沒有車尾的簡單整體一致的效果,綜合來說外觀造型後3/4視角比起前3/4視角來得強烈且協調具有魅力。

Urus的內裝這次不易外地還是大量使用Lamborghini與高爾夫球桿品牌廠商 Callaway 合作研發的段造复合材料 “Forged Composite“,似乎是將玻璃纖維碎片高壓成型的新材料技術,據說比材料剛性和重量皆優於航太工業普遍使用的鈦合金,真屌! 看來Lamborghini勢必要把這項材料當作獨家所有的資產。依內裝的成熟度推敲,這部款距離量產應該不遠了…

Keep Moving On :)

It has been a long time I haven’t done any full English writing about my life and thinking since I left UK. ok! Let’s practice English! And please help me to correct errors…

Working for about one month, I’ve been getting used to the life and job here, even though I still feel difficult to grasp the preferences of the new boss. And I’m also trying hard to catch up with those young designers with a new technique of sketching. However, there are some advantages compare with my former job.

First of all, the work is professional and efficient. The expertise of the team is matured, the discussion between related staffs always focus on the critical point. People waste no time on non-professional communication. Secondly, clear task. The goal is always to show the concept of the value of innovation. You don’t have to worry too much about the engineering problems in the manufacturing process afterward. Occasional overtime workings are because of the expectation of improving the efforts of value.

We don’t have many team members, most of them are young. It’s wonderful that we have a tacit understanding, consensus and well teamwork. I feel quite pleasant and harmonious to get along with those young guys, and far-far away from the abuses of vicious struggles. Furthermore, working for a famous brand brings me the feeling of recognition and belonging, although it maybe isn’t directly related to. Certainly, there will be a perfect room to grow and for improvement.

Of course, new job also along with some disadvantages… Not only far from hometown, apart from family, but also the life needs adaptation undoubtedly. And for the confidential reasons, the work process don’t quite as convenient as usual, you cannot carry a smart phone into studio for instance. Each project is the competition between the international studios. Therefore the criteria of the boss are rather high. He is very strict and has imposing manner that makes people not easy to get close to him. In addition, Japan’s corporate style is very cautious, consequently the foreigners is not easy to enter the core of the organization, likewise it’s not easy to get in-depth learning of management knowledge, or to understand the whole picture of project operation in this condition.

In conclusion, for my situation, I think the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages, and future career path is extending. Finally, I bought a folding bike as a transport to keep the strong passion and keep moving on. Wish me luck 🙂

Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept

“On the occasion of the Beijing Motor Show in April, Peugeot presents its brand new Urban Crossover Concept.
Elegant and cheeky, refined and charismatic, sporty and seductive, with Urban Crossover Concept, Peugeot offers a new vision of a compact Crossover that is modern and relaxed, dynamic and seductive."