Citoren Re

Citroen Re:veon by Moonjung Lee (Hong-ik University 2012)

“Inspired from the Time Machine in movie Back to the Future, RE:VEON -Nostalgia Machine- will give you an ultimate virtual driving experience, allowing drivers to re-experience past nostalgic memories. It utilizes advanced intelligent technology that scans driver’s brains and picks out memorable times in one’s life. 
The interface system in the REVEON can then virtually allows the driver to re-experience those memories by stimulating all 5 human senses. The RE:VEON virtually recreates these specific memories within its cabin, giving the driver the impression that he/she is back driving in that time. 

The REVEON’s exterior design uses a classic inspired silhouette while combined with futuristic forms and surfaces which. RE:VEON is powered by an eco friendly bio fueled rotary engine. It has multi-directional wheels inside of wheel covers. The small rectangular fragments on the spoke, will cool down the multi directional wheels with controlling the airflow when driving".



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