Taiwan Taoyuan Airport T3

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners  Won the bidding program of Taiwan Taoyuan Airport T3 in 2015. The RSHP proposal is inherently simple in its concept. The design is inspired by Taiwan’s beautiful landscapes, the seas surrounding it, its rhythms of nature and life to create a series of unique interior places designed for their purpose and protected beneath an elegant hard shell roof. Within, a soft inner surface is malleable and dynamic to celebrate and form the ever changing spaces below.

The current completion is expected by 2022, after the trial operation period, the officially operation will be in 2023.

Taiwan Tao_clip2

Second place in the competition went to another entry with a dominant curvilinear roof from a team that included UN Studios, while a more traditional terminal design from Foster + Partners came in third.

Foster + Partners, Ricky Liu & Associates Architects+Planners, MAA Group

UNStudio’s design challenges the accepted utilitarian approach to airport design in an effort to propose a new global standard for an efficient, sustainable, flexible and innovative terminal model.






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