Blade Runner short film


Tokyo Gifathon of James Curran

James Curran is a London-based animation director and designer who understands a thing or two about self promotion. He believes self-initiated work isn’t just great for building brand awareness; it’s also a fantastic way to keep your career fun and interesting, as well as develop new skills. In April he spent a month in Tokyo, then unbelievably animated a new gif every day for 30 days inspired by something that happened during his stay.  It’s so lovely!


Spellwork Pictures

How can I trust the world! O..O

Spellwork Pictures位於德國柏林的克羅伊茨貝格,是家享譽國際的CG視效公司,匯聚許多天才的藝術家為廣告,電影和電視創作高端的特效。上面是該公司為Mercedes作的一個簡短的廣告。裏面的外景均是由CG制作而成。所用到的軟件為3DS Max還有Vray,ForestPack作為離散工具,Zbrush繪制細節,Mari制作紋理,Nuke後期…